KARIBU ! WELCOME! Our association chose to be called Hakuna Matata, what means "no problem", in Kiswhahili. Not that the Kenyans do not know problems, but we always look for solutions... And we keep as far as possible our optimism!
We stand in solidarity with the people of the south coast of Mombasa and our support concerns mainly the children.

Who are we?

Born in 2003, the association had for initial project the creation of a school in a henhouse...

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The projects, the reports of the realized missions, the situation in Kenya...

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Understand the Kenyan school system and know a little the children of villages...

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Events and markets in which we participate...


Achievements SCHOOLS

We support mainly schools, to favor at the most the schooling of the children. Indeed, the estrangement of certain schools...

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Achievements HEALTH

The health is a crucial problem for the disadvantaged populations. A good many of them cannot...

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OTHERS achievements

Installation of tanks of water, renovation of orphanages, our projects are diversified to meet the needs...

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To sell!

To finance our projects, we propose homemade objects, Kenyan small business crafts, a cookbook, etc...

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Help, participate

According to your desire, your availability, your ideas, you can help us of many manners...

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Contact us

Exchange of information, proposals or support simply: contact us!

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French version

Jifya moja haliinjiki chungu  -   Une seule pierre ne supportera pas la marmite
A single stone will not support the cooking pot   (proverbe swahili)